Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My journey starts now

So today is the beginning of the rest of my new life....

I've decided on getting weight loss surgery. Specifically the lap band.

I'm scheduled for November 13, 2009.

So for basically my whole life I've struggled with my image even when I wasn't fat. When I was not fat I was ugly, when I was not ugly I just was known as the girl with the big forehead.
I don't want to be any of that anymore. I just want be me.
I've been making an effort to lose weight the past few years in many ways. I spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on a gym membership, and not to mention a personal trainer.
I was going to the gym at least 6 days a week for 45min - 1hour each time.

I simply didn't see any results. Just recently I've decided to do this surgery based on the fact that this is my last hope and I'm truely desperate. I'm willing to deal with the pros and cons of this.

I'm ready to make massive changes in my life.

I'm ready to do this....


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