Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I had my Lap Band Surgery

So I had my surgery November 13th, 2009 at 7:15AM. I was out by 9:00 and in main PACU for a couple hours. We went home around 1PM.

So here it is, I got there and they had me change in my nifty gown and compression socks. It really sucked that I have my period today. They didn't let me wear a tampon or pad! UGH... I know it may TMI but that made me mad.
Anywho, after the nurse started my IV in my hand instead of my forearm --- which HURT!!!, they took me soon to the OR.

I go there and I'm actually very familiar with their OR's cause I work in Labor and Delivery at that hospital and a lot of the time I have to take patients back to the OR for c/s's. My room was right next to the rooms they do those c/s in. Anywho, we got in the room and everyone was really nice and introduced themself. They made me comfortable and put my arms in those arm holder things. They kept putting the mask on me and I kept talking asking questions, next thing I knew I woke up a tremndous amount of pain in PACU -- it was hard for me to wake up since they had to give me benedryl with the anestheisa cause they used a "bear hugger" which is a device to keep you warm and it gave me a rash on my chest. Dont' knnow why... LOL
Anyway soon they wheeled me down to the step down area and I stayed there for a lil' bit. I was insistant I get up and walk around cause it felt worse to lay down. I went pee about 3 times. Since then I can't go #2 probably cause of the pain meds

So they discharged me and the tech brought me out to the car and then my husband just parked the car and went back in and got the perscription filled. We did this because they wouldn't allow me to just go wherever, they had to make sure I was gone OK but I didn't follow the rulses LOL . Anyway we dropped of my perscription for the Loratab liquid and then we walked down the hall to where I work just to walk of this gas and I saw all my coworkers and they were very happy that things went well. We walked back to the car after picking up the persciption and we headed home. So far I've been walking around the house just a lil' bit and resting as well. I feel pretty good otherwise.

So it's been 5 days since my surgery and I've lost 13 pounds!!! Yay go me!!

So check out my video journal of my surgery day!


  1. Congratulations on your getting your Lapband and making the ultimate step towards getting Healthy for life! Looking forward to following your Journey! My prayers are with you!

  2. Congratulations Jessica. I found your blog through Lapbandtalk. I also have a blog and had my surgery on 11/20. I hope to keep up with your journey. Best of luck to you!!